About The Gadsden Center

The Gadsden Center’s mission is to help ensure that more people are more engaged with more of their government so that constitutionally sound public policies are enacted that reflect the importance of smaller yet more efficient government that is closer to the people, and that recognizes and better protects individual and economic freedoms.

We see a world where more citizens have more information and better civic skills that allow them to participate more effectively in their own governance and that encourages them to more consistently attend civic meetings and turn out to vote. The Gadsden Center believes that, with greater awareness and more skills, a greater number of people will even feel more qualified to run for office, or be appointed to local positions, where they will directly represent their fellow citizens.

Our principal purposes are:

  1. Educating citizens about government adherence to our state and federal constitutions;
  2. Educating citizens about fiscally responsible government spending, transparency in government, and accountability of their local, state and federal governments;
  3. Educating citizens about public policy choices that enhance and protect their individual and economic liberties; and
  4. Educating citizens about ensuring fair and proper elections.

Initially, Our Projects are focusing on researching transparency in local government.  And, beginning in early 2014, we will launch our election integrity project.

Our programs will eventually include:

  1. Providing printed copies of our state and federal constitutions, in addition to the online versions we already provide, and researching government adherence to our constitutions;
  2. Researching government budgeting, spending and taxing, including public sector employee compensation, capital expenditures and maintenance, program costs and their efficacy and efficiency;
  3. Compiling voting records of elected representatives at the local, state and federal levels, and creating scorecards and rating systems for elected officials and local governments on their adherence to constitutional principles, sound public policy, transparency and accountability in government; and
  4. Publishing and distributing our findings in print and online.

From time to time we will also sponsor events.  To check on the latest events, please visit Our Events.


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