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Union Controlled School Boards Inflate Salaries and Benefits


The Michigan Education Association (MEA) pays close attention to School Board elections, and so should you.

The MEA is the largest union representing teachers and support staff in Michigan. The MEA and their local affiliates spend large sums of money electing their friends to local school boards. Union bosses know it is a lot easier to gain oversized pay and benefit packages if school board members are hand-picked (endorsed and elected) by the union.

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Williams Supported Prop 1 Tax Hike

The Gadsden Center recently came accross evidence that County Commissioner Steve Williams supported Proposal 1, the nearly $2 billion gas tax increased pushed by Governor Snyder. Mr. Williams is the incumbent in County Commission District 6. He is being challenged in the August 2, 2016 primary by Sheriff Bob Bezotte.

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Transgender agenda in Howell Public Schools

The Gadsden Center received this email from Howell School Board Trustee Deborah McCormick regarding transgender issues in the Howell Public School District. Unfortunately, it was received too late to post prior to the June 13th school board meeting referenced below. However, we are posting this message to inform you of the situation and too make you aware of the dates of future Howell School Board meetings.

The link to the Howell School Board website provides the dates and location of future meetings. It also includes agendas for upcoming meetings. We also included a link to a recent article published by the Livingston Daily on this topic.

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Election Highlight: Genoa Township Clerk

One of the most important duties of a Township Clerk is to insure the intergrity of the voting process. It appears that the Genoa Township Clerk has not consistently upheld the high standards voters have come to expect. Should she lose her job? Voters will decide in August.

Polly Skolarus (R), the incumbent Genoa Township Clerk is facing a primary challenge in the upcoming August 2 election. She is being challenged by Dan Wholihan (R), Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party. 

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80th and 82nd House District Election Information

The Gadsden Center recently mailed some informational literature regarding candidates for State House in the upcoming November 5 elections.The flyers contained links to sources cited in the literature. Those links are also shown here in this online article.

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R's Push Tax and Fee Hike

Legislation approved in a late night session hikes taxes and fees for roads. 

Dark Stores Increase Your Taxes

Big box retailers use the "dark store" property tax break to reduce their property taxes. Unfortunately, as their property taxes go down, yours goes up. Legislation is now being considered to reign in this practice.

46% Tax Increase

County-wide tax increase on the ballot in November. LESA proposes property tax increase of 46%.

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Upcoming Millage Votes

This document contains a listing of all property tax millage votes in Livingston County Michigan. Voting day is November 3, 2015.

Brighton Library Millage

Library supporters claim a new 0.22 mil property tax levy for library operations is not a tax increase. Hmm . . . 

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